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cr10s pro

  • Tihsho
    started a topic CR10S Pro Issues with Latest Cura w/ OctoPrint

    CR10S Pro Issues with Latest Cura w/ OctoPrint

    Hey everyone!

    I've been running my Creality CR10S Pro with Cura and OctoPrint for coming up to two years. During this time I held off upgrading Ultimaker Cura because "it just worked". With my security mindset kicking in I decided to upgrade Cura to the latest version last week and I've run into a big problem. Since the upgrade the homing process sent after slicing from Cura has tried to go past the boundaries on the Y-axis. When it tries to home past it, it obviously causes...
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  • TMC2208 UART on CR10s Pro for linear advance (guide)

    Did some reverse engineering of the TMC2208 on the CR10s Pro Creality v2.4 motherboard to enable linear advance.
    Here is a quick guide on how to mod your Creality motherboard to enable the UART on the TMC2208 of the extruder.

    By the way... there is a design flaw with the TMC2208 connections on this board. The three TMC2208 pins PDN_UART, DIAG and INDEX are all connected together and pulled up by a 100k resistor to +5V. That way the INDEX and DIAG ouputs are working against eachother....
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    Last edited by 3Dprinty; 06-05-2020, 12:22 PM. Reason: Found PIN 64 to be the heater gpio

  • Thermistor displaying wrong temperature (CR10s Pro)

    So my hot end thermistor temperature is showing around 80 degrees C when idle and not hot. Is there a way to configure this to adjust properly? I'm using tiny machines firmware. It used to work fine but since de clogging and stripping the nozzle one day I haven't been able to get it right since. Also I replaced the heater ceramic which races to its temperature now very quickly but I have tested new thermistors without turning the heater block on.

    Things I have tried:
    • Bought and replaced
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  • supersonic
    started a topic CR10s Pro V2 vs Ender 5 Plus

    CR10s Pro V2 vs Ender 5 Plus

    I see the Ender 5 Plus has a cubic design and a slightly larger print bed. But the CR10S costs more. Are there any other differences between these two? Can't figure out which one to buy ;-)...
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  • Dalepack
    replied to CR-10S Pro woes
    I have a cr10s printer with a few upgrades. I used TH3D Unified Firmware Package. It installs pretty easily. Also just wanted to check that you are resetting the eeprom after you have loaded the firmware. I would imagine the pro is not that much different software wise. I hope it's not anything sinister i.e hardware failure of some kind....
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  • Marcomendes
    started a topic CR10S PRO Z axis issue

    CR10S PRO Z axis issue

    Hello Everyone,

    I am having a problem with Z axis. Basically I was printing until a terrible noise started. From my attempts to figure out what the problem is, so far, I can tell that is the servo motor from the side where the X axis servo motor is. initially I thought that the Z servo motor but I have try the one from the other side, switching sides, and the problem remains in the same side, therefore is not the servo.

    Other findings, when I apply resistance to the servo,...
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  • R0undDad
    started a topic New guy here

    New guy here

    I have a Creality, CR10S PRO, CR20 PRO and an unassembled Anet A8.

    I've been fairly successful with my prints and want to learn how to design my own items....
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  • Hi,

    I am starting now with 3D printer and I have been experiencing the same problem with the first layer that is not being deposited evenly.

    Creality CR10S-Pro
    Ultimaker Cura 4.5.0
    0.4mm nozzle
    Standard quality 0.2mm
    Temperature nozzle 200C, hot-bed 50C

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  • DaveTech204
    replied to Creality firmware

    If you can't find it on Creality's web site check their Github site.

    If you still can't find it you may have to go back to the Marlin Github page and look for that version and edit it for the CR10S Pro.
    Creality basically just used the current Marlin version at the time and tweeked it using the built in settings in Marlin, nothing really custom.
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  • JkDoyledude
    started a topic Hello! Newb to printing

    Hello! Newb to printing

    hi all I’m Kris ! I’m new to the forum and relatively new to printing. I had a creailty cr10s pro but returned it as the z axis kept creeping and it couldn’t stay level. Now I have a gantry from Adim lab. I look forward to learning so much...
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  • JD32
    started a topic What is causing this?

    What is causing this?

    Can anybody help me?
    What is causing this?
    I'm using creality cr10s pro
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