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  • spindlehead
    started a topic CR-10 S Bed Heating Issue

    CR-10 S Bed Heating Issue


    Recently the bed heater on my CR-10S failed to start heating at the start of a job and wouldn't respond to manual control, either. After a cursory check for burns or shorts I disconnected and reconnected the heater cable from the controller and it immediately started to heat again. The heater got power long enough for the job to start and at least an hour into the 4.5-hour job. Sometime after that the heating stopped. When I checked about 4 hours into the print, the bed had cooled...
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  • Mr Maximus
    started a topic CR-10S Pro woes

    CR-10S Pro woes

    Hi there, I recently purchased a CR-10S Pro from eBay and out of the box it printed all the included samples, dog, cat, pig etc, beautifully. I was bowled over with excitement and with a lot of ill founded confidence decided to embark on performing every known upgrade and then after lunch maybe some more? Who was I kidding LOL?

    The first upgrade was the firmware, so after watching countless YouTube videos I decided on the TinyMachines 3D upgrade. I watched one particular instructional...
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  • joestariha
    started a topic Creality CR 10S Prints in back left corner

    Creality CR 10S Prints in back left corner

    I just got a CR 10s and when i print the 3D GCODE files that came on the SD card, my print starts right in the middle. When i download a .stl file and open it up in the creality slicer software, the image is in the middle of the table on the screen, but when i convert to a GCODE file, my printer prints each one in the back right corner? What am i doing wrong....thanks in advance!!
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  • qurp
    started a topic problem with temperature readings (CR 10s Pro)

    problem with temperature readings (CR 10s Pro)

    When i start my 3d printer up (it's a CR 10s pro), the nozzle temperature reads 226 degrees Celsius despite the nozzle being cool to the touch, and my printer bed reads 30 degrees Celsius when I know for a fact it is not. I tried replacing the thermistor on the nozzle and the temperature reading was 226 degrees when the thermistor was unplugged and when the new thermistor was plugged in, so the thermistors are not the problem. I will mention that the temperature reading sways from around 225 degrees...
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  • Spanishcop
    started a topic CR-10S using BuildTek FlexPlate

    CR-10S using BuildTek FlexPlate

    So I ordered the flex plate kit to use with the CR-10S.

    How are people installing the magnetic adhesive part to the printer? I can't even find a YouTube on this.

    So can I apply the magnetic adhesive part where the glass lays and do away with using the glass and clips? And then place the flex plate with the buildtek sheet on that like I did with my Robo3D R2....

    Or do I have to apply the magnetic adhesive to the glass and still have to use glass and the clips?...
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  • supersonic
    started a topic Creality CR-10S Pro V2 print bed

    Creality CR-10S Pro V2 print bed

    What kind of print bed does this machine comes with? I see Creality is selling magnetic aluminium with stickers. But do I need the aluminium plate to have a simple removeable, or does it already come with the aluminum plate so I only need a spare sticker?...
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  • rogue
    started a topic CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer vs OCTOPRINT

    CR-10S Pro V2 3D Printer vs OCTOPRINT

    hi all, just purchased this machine, it is first creality printer i never owned this brand before.
    it prints excellent

    but i have problems,

    all my other machines have octoprint installed, as i think that this is a basic and most powerful upgrade to any 3d printer, now i have next problems:
    -when i click connect in octo print, the machine makes a sound like when it is powering on, and Y and X axses go in the wrong direction without stop until steppers start making...
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  • Aus delivered CR-10s and some new features?

    hey guys, iv just received me new CR10S here in Australia and iv noticed is has some different features then others i google and on and web sites, it has a red metal extruder and a non glass bed, is this normal?
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  • buffalochickendip
    started a topic Creality CR-10s heating issue

    Creality CR-10s heating issue

    A few weeks ago my nozzle temperature was not getting any higher than 20 degrees. I then purchased a whole new extruder with all the wiring from creality. The very first time I plugged it in it worked fine. The very next day I went to turn it on and the temperature would not go past 20 degrees again. I checked the crimping of the two red wires and they were fine. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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  • AsthmaMan
    started a topic My new Cr-10s not printing ok

    My new Cr-10s not printing ok

    Hey, I bought a 3d printer 3 days ago a did an assembly, leveled the bed than did a test print of one layer squares in each corner and int he middle. After about 3 tries I got them nice and leveled.
    After that, I printed a circle in a circle connected with lines. I printed it on the default tape that came with it. It turned out fine except that some kind of leak or in other words the printer didn't stop all the flow of filament when it was traveling so it had a hard time sticking to the surface...
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  • Creality CR-10 - BiPolar or UniPolar Steppers? Does it matter?

    Going to be changing out the stepper motor on the extruder on a CR-10S; does it matter if the steppers are BiPolar or UniPolar? Is there a difference? Which is better? Do I have to modify anything within the code or firmware? Please advise. THANKS!
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  • Mraw
    started a topic Tevo Tornado vs. Cr-10s

    Tevo Tornado vs. Cr-10s

    What are your experiences with both of these printers? How does their quality compare? What are their quirks? What advantages does one have over the other. Overall what do you think is better ?
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  • your octoprint was built for a specific version of marlin firmware for the CR-10S pro. maybe you grabbed the wrong one and have it set for a CR-10 not CR-10S pro. this bed homing in the wrong direction is telling me exactly what the problem is. this happens when you grab the wrong marlin config or the wrong firmware. since you are using octoprint, it assumes a different firmware or a different board with the stepper motor headers reversed. you can swap the board, swap the firmware, or fix the settings...
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  • If you don't mind a long wait time, AND paying excessive shipping charges, AND you are not planning on ever upgrading anything, then the Prusa MK3S is your printer.

    Warning for US customers: If your order exceeds $800 (with shipping) you may be charged with customs duties.

    If you plan to upgrade from time to time, AND you want to save lots of money but also want to have the printer now (instead of waiting a long time for it) then the Creality CR-10S is the best way to go....
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  • Robw50
    started a topic Creality firmware

    Creality firmware

    I'm looking for firmware version 1.70.0, non-BL touch.

    I have two Creality CR-10S Pro's. They are version 1, so they have a z level sensor, but it's not a BL touch probe like the version 2 has. They were delivered with different firmware versions. The earlier version on one printer is more versatile, so I'd like to install the earlier version on the other printer.

    Does anyone have the 1.70.0 .hex firmware file for a CR-10S Pro, version 1 (non-BL Touch)?
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