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bl touch

  • BL Touch installation instructions for CR-10 V2

    So I purchased the BL Touch upgrade for the CR-10 V2 and quickly found out that there are not a cohesive set of instructions available on Creality's site. The video is helpful but there are some steps and explanations left out. Once I finally figured it out and had it working I wrote down the steps that I went through. Please do not take the following steps as gospel and I am not responsible for any damage caused if you do follow these instructions. These are just the steps that I took and though...
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  • bigcity204
    started a topic BL touch probing

    BL touch probing

    hey so i am a newbie i guess i call my self a newbie but i installed my bl touch everything working great only problem is probing is super slow any way to speed it up and please use easy to understand terms of what to do as i am a newbie thanks
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  • coolkid
    started a topic Add bl touch to 3d printer

    Add bl touch to 3d printer

    I have a adimlab 3d printer how can I add a bl touch...
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  • Robw50
    started a topic Creality firmware

    Creality firmware

    I'm looking for firmware version 1.70.0, non-BL touch.

    I have two Creality CR-10S Pro's. They are version 1, so they have a z level sensor, but it's not a BL touch probe like the version 2 has. They were delivered with different firmware versions. The earlier version on one printer is more versatile, so I'd like to install the earlier version on the other printer.

    Does anyone have the 1.70.0 .hex firmware file for a CR-10S Pro, version 1 (non-BL Touch)?
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  • New Member from Southern California area

    Good Afternoon. I just took the plunge into the 3D printing world and just pressed the buy button on a Creality CR-10 V2. I was not able to purchase from the approved original Creality site as these were out of stock so took a chance on a re-seller site that has been controversial just because some people that have ordered from this site have had issues but I just could not find one from a (what seems to be) authorized sites. Some people have not had issues with the aforementioned site and some...
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  • Hawkeyetim
    started a topic Bed Leveling but with no Z axis movement
    in Anet

    Bed Leveling but with no Z axis movement


    I was happily printing was my A8 since Xmas then (foolishly) I decide to upgrade to a BL Touch and every since I've had problem after problem, the latest issue I've been struggling with for the last week or two is that I'm correctly creating a mesh (i think) but when I try to print I would have expected the Z axis to move very slightly as its laying down each layer but no movement is seen and the print is never level across the bed. Below is a list on things I've checked or setu...
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  • colbrit
    replied to Hello form Arizona!
    Hi Joe, welcome to the forum and the some times frustrating but enjoyable world of 3D printing. I have been playing around with 3D printing for a year or so and am still learning. I have a Anet A8 which came with no auto bed levelling and I managed to produce some good projects. After time I decided to update and add a 3D Touch which is similar to the BL Touch and I have experienced quite a lot of trouble trying to get the exact adjustments and just when I think I have got there something goes wrong....
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  • colbrit
    replied to New to the forum
    Hi Rick, After reading your post I had a look at the ET4 online and was very impressed. It looks a stronger more robust unit than the A8 and to make matters worse I want one now too. The problem you are having is similar to one I had when I fitted a BL Touch to my A8 and in my case it was the setting of the Z offset which was set on the printer using the screen. The firmware was Marlin is that the same with the ET4. I noted that the leveller is a light sensor type and not a touch so I might be leading...
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  • Marchie
    replied to Add bl touch to 3d printer
    Hi Coolkid, not familiar with your printer but you should be able to fit BL Touch. Check YouTube, loads of vids on fitting sensors to 3d printers.
    It's even easier if your running Marlin software. Version 1.1.9 has BL Touch....
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  • bobbys
    started a topic Hi everybody

    Hi everybody

    Hi everybody im new to 3d printing have just got a creality cr10 v2 with bl touch and am using kisslicer and free cad to make models and things and i am hoping that joining the forum will help me get better results in the future
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  • Hi besieloff,

    I believe you are correct on how the BL Touch works. I believe it creates a "map" of the bed surface and it calculates the correct distance from the bed based on that map on where to extrude the layer. As far as the start G Code you will need to look in your slicer settings for where this is. If you are just using the slicer that comes with the CR-10 V2 then you should see a tab at the top that shows "Start/End-GCode."

    Click on that and...
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  • Delta Rostock+ SKR 1.3 moves correctly exept in Z-Direction while Printing


    I have recently upgraded my Delta Rostock with a Bigtreeetech SKR1.3 Mainboard and marlin I have the confirguration almost working, auto calibration with the BL-Touch sensor is working good and so on, All moves seem to work, homing is corregt, but there is one Issue i can't wrap my head around: When Printing, it seems to move downward, not upwards, si it tries to print into the Printbed... I don't know where i did the error(s) in the configuration files.

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  • Hammar
    started a topic Can any one identify this printer behavior

    Can any one identify this printer behavior

    Hi every one.
    I have been using my Ender 3 now for about 2 years and it has been rock solid. It is upgraded with the Petsfang Bullseye, capricorn tubing, Bl touch and Marlin 1.1.9 firmware.
    Lately it has been producing some strange prints from time to time. Some times the prints are perfect but when its not its always the same "effect" that shows and i have had zero luck diagnosing it.
    I am attaching one image here that shows this, if any one knows what this issue is...
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  • wazcooke
    started a topic layer Issue on ender 3

    layer Issue on ender 3

    First layer is perfect and stick fine.
    It's always on additional layers that in places seems to have raised lumps as if like air bubbles and then sometimes dips like veins in the layer.
    They seem rough also.
    Tried re-levelling bed etc and also using BL Touch.
    All ok when printing walls etc it's just flat infill.

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  • colbrit
    replied to New to the forum
    Hi Rick, On my A8 with the BL Touch I had to play around with the Z offset because the hot end kept crashing into the into the plate and so I had to pull the plug. In the finish I ended up with a Z offset of -1.2 and that fixed the problem. I really don't know anything about a sensor with a light. But I'm thinking like you when the beam is broken it should stop. Your right in what you have written about the Z axis stopping. Have you tried stating your problem mentioning ET4 on YouTube, you could...
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