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anet e16

  • Ok Think I have this one

    First a rant - Anet A* what a piece of sh*t , but va loveable one

    OK z axis goes wacky Rs higher then left after home.

    Set them even higher up and they go up and down in sync

    at bottom rh keeps spinning and lh stops

    going up rh spins, lh stuck

    check your lh guide rod, slipped out of tit hole cause the 1/16 inch plywood frame wont hold ?

    mine was.

    Locktited down on top...
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  • Bubba Mark
    replied to Hello from Wisconsin
    On Wisconsin

    Ok I started with a Da Vinchi Mini
    Got it from WalMart on line so return if not happy is a breeze.

    found ran out of box and without problems for many months

    Problem - filament has to be theirs so it is at least 2x too expensive

    I went next to the A8 from Anet - 85$ ebay delivered. Missing parts. Weeks to figure out assembly . It runs well sometimes , sometimes not.
    You will get a real education with this one. Start with...
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  • Berserker
    started a topic Rail Size on Anet E16
    in Anet

    Rail Size on Anet E16

    Hello Im new to this forum
    Ive been printing since Dec. I was wanting to know if anyone know the frame rail size on a Anet E16 ?...
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