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  • Anet A8 print quality on printing eiffel tower

    Hi All I am new to the world of 3d printing. Recently I bought a new Anet A8, Luckily it prints fine for most of the object, except complex structures like Eiffel tower. When I printed base of eiffel tower of size about 100x 100x 50mm, it prints with lots of stringing an oozing as in the attached imageI know there is lot of stringings. As it is printed on a low end 3d printer(Anet A8) I want to know whether the print quality is normal for such complex structures. If any one tried printing Eiffel...
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  • Steevo138
    started a topic Anet A8-M Parts
    in Anet

    Anet A8-M Parts

    I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get the main board and extruder mount for the Anet A8-M. From what I can tell, it is exactly the same as the Anet A8-Single extruder printer. Thinking it may be possible to upgrade my printer to the Dual. The problem is, that I can cannot find the main board at all, only the full kit. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!
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  • Modded Anet A8 Assembly Buildlog (2017 Version)

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks to the recent forum contest hosted on here ( sponsored by, I am now in the possession of a brand new Anet A8 3D Printer Kit. I've spent the last week reading everything I could find regarding building and modding the device alongside numerous nights talking with other A8 owners for tips. I feel that I have a general idea of a few pitfalls and other assorted modifications that will greatly make using the A8 much easier.
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  • Gearbest
    replied to Gearbest 3D Printers Daily Deals
    Time: September 6

    #1 Anet A6 3D Desktop Printer Kit 191842602 -- EU PLUG

    >> Page price:$176.47

    >> Coupon:

    >> Coupon price: $165.99

    >> Warehouse: EU

    >> Amount: 50


    Test Video:

    Main Features:
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  • 20 good upgrades to Anet a8 you can print (links included)

    Here's a list of 20 parts you can print to make your Anet a8 better. Many sites and youtube videos only list about 5 or 10. What is everyone's thoughts on the ideas on this list? I'm just building my a8 now so I'll have to report back how the modifications work all together with the added mods I purchased (like belt adjustment, ignus bearings, auto leveling, glass plate, etc).

    This picture off google is what your printer would look like with many of these modifications installed it...
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  • maartengrietens
    started a topic anet a8 motherboard on bukobot

    anet a8 motherboard on bukobot


    ive got a bukobot v2 (GIFT). the mainboard is broke, a friend of mine has a anet A8 printer. and very happy about the controler. so i ordered a anet a8 mainboard and lcd. to put on my bukobot.

    now before i start printing, i think i have to change some settings, like the rod bukobot uses and the steppers. ive got the details of my bukobot : X & Y Steps using 15 teeth / 3.18 pitch synchromesh cable 111.98/mm at 1/32 microstepping
    Z Steps for M6
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  • dbemowsk
    started a topic Convert your Anet A8 into multiple different tools
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    Convert your Anet A8 into multiple different tools

    So I am new to this forum, but not new to the Anet A8 printer. I wanted to share a mod that I did to my printer that I think will be useful to others. It is my quick change tool carriage assembly mod. This mod converts your Anet A8 printer into a versatile multi tool device. This may also work on the Prusa i3 printers as well as I think they use the same type of X carriage assembly. The tools that I currently have designed for it are a bowden J-head for 3D printing, a pen plotter attachment...
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  • My Anet A8 selectively goes idle and does not print!!

    Hello! So I usually like to figure things out on my own but this one has me stumped! My issue and all the information I have so far is as follows

    I have been using the Cura software ever since I got my printer (I have an Anet A8 that I got a little over a month ago) and so far I love the software. I have been getting my projects off of Thingiverse and have been using the cura software to convert my 3d images to gcode. Up until now I have had absolutely no problems at all....
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  • JonnyAlpha
    started a topic Anet A8 or Hictop Prusa i3 ATL II 3DP
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    Anet A8 or Hictop Prusa i3 ATL II 3DP

    i am trying to decide between an Anet A8 and a Hictop Prusa i3 ATL 3DP and have some questions.

    The Hictop is an aluminium extruded frame and Auto levelling but I have seen a reviewing saying that the Hot End / Extruder is not good, Blocks.

    Is the Hot End the same part as the Extruder.

    Whats the frame like like on the Anet for rigidity?
    Whats the Hot End and Extruder like on the Anet.
    I have seen some upgrades on auto levelling for the...
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  • Justfbilly
    started a topic Anet A8 issues
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    Anet A8 issues

    I just replaced the nozzle and the heating block on my Anet A8 and now when I try to print as soon as I select the file to print it starts trying to printing without the block or the bed getting a chance to warm up? Any ideas what might be causing this issue. Thanks
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  • sswandler
    started a topic Anet A8 heating issue
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    Anet A8 heating issue

    Hi I'm looking for some help for my anet A8 I upgraded the firmware to 1.1.9 . now when I preheat pla the bed gets up to temp the nozzle gets close to 190 and then I have a E1 heating error if I go into the firmware and turn off the thermal runaway I can maintain the heating I would prefer not to do that. I started a print with a thermal runaway turned off and it goes fine for the first two to three layers then the heating on the nozzle drops from 190 and steadily drops there is no fan pointed at...
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  • gigem2
    started a topic Anet A8 Issues with Initial Extrusion...
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    Anet A8 Issues with Initial Extrusion...

    Anet A8 with a few basic upgrades, things that should be mandatory really: Drylin bearings on X and Y axes, Fiberglass re-enforced belts, Borosilicate glass on bed.

    Any who, I am trying to print some gears and having problems. Whenever the printer does a move, the the next bit of PLA that is extruded doesn't stick to the bed.
    For a minute, I thought it might be the level of detail I was exporting from Fusion 360, so I made the same gear, roughly, in Sketch Up Make. The same thing...
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  • Anet A8 Z axis keeps going out of line help please

    Hi all
    I have a Anet A8 printer which has an aduino board running marlin and it has been running fine but lately I have had trouble leveling the bed and it was driving me crazy the nozzel would keep catching the bed.
    But now I have found out why every time I reset the Z axis and send it home when it stops on the switch the right side moves down and the left side moves up so one side is higher than the other.
    It does this everytime has anyone any idea what is causing this as I cant...
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  • colbrit
    started a topic BLTOUCH on Anet A8 with Malin
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    BLTOUCH on Anet A8 with Malin

    Hi, I'm sure this has been touched on before but from what I can see is that Marlin, Arduino and GitHub are having updates all the time which makes it hard to follow on YouTube. All I am trying is to update is the firmware on my Anet A8 with a motherboard Anet3D V1.7. Can anyone point me in the right direction that I could follow bearing in mind that I am an old fart. .
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  • knikio
    started a topic Anet A8 freeze or crash after leveling is finish
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    Anet A8 freeze or crash after leveling is finish

    I Have Anet A8 (skynet 1.1 firmware)
    Everything works well for a while, I even printed a few things.
    But now the printer gets stuck or just goes crazy after auto leveling is finish.
    When I turn on the printer everything is fine including the led screen
    But when I do the auto leveling, at the end of the auto leveling, the printer is freeze .
    Sometimes there is a display on screen and sometimes the Z motor or the X motor keep
    moving without stopping but...
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