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anet a6

  • Dear friends:

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  • JonnyAlpha
    replied to Need Help: Advice Needed
    Just came across this thread whilst searching for information on the Anet A8. Sorry for the HiJac but it is relevant.
    Yes the Anet listed is very expensive considering the Anet is available on GearBest for less than £140:
    The 2017 New 3D Printer listed looks good and I sent a question asking the seller what material the frame was made from and does the bed have auto levelling. The reply was that the frame is wood????...
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  • pecata
    started a topic Anet A6 - heatbed not warming up def/5 error
    in Anet

    Anet A6 - heatbed not warming up def/5 error


    Just receive my Anet A6 printer after assembling and leveling printer seems to work except that the heatbed is not worming up!

    When i try printing a file extruder temperature goes really high but heath bed temp stay same and i get an error def/200 on the extruder and def/5 on the heathbed.

    Tested the heatbed and the thermistor with external power source and they both work fine.

    Measured the output voltage on the mainboard exit to the heatbed...
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  • WyoJohnGat
    started a topic Anet A6 Motors not working--HELP!!!!
    in Anet

    Anet A6 Motors not working--HELP!!!!

    Hello all,
    My Anet A6 was printing a project and I needed to pause the print. After I selected "pause print," all of the motors stopped working. Now, the printer will not home nor will it step in any direction. There is power going to to the machine and the board. All of the plugs into the board seem to be seated correctly. I unplugged the machine and tried to step the motors and it still will not do anything. Is the board fried?? Any help that anyone could provide would be...
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  • Dragonsrage99
    started a topic newbie with an ANET A6

    newbie with an ANET A6

    hey people,

    I'm a newbie with an a6 technically 4 of them, 3 at work 1 at home.

    Been working on and off getting them running and doing well..
    however.... the one at home was going great until it got caught up and bunged the nozzle up.

    Tried cleaning it and the throat, getting the block up nice and hot and sliding an Allen key down to push the last of the petg out.

    Dropped the nozzle and block into acetone to try and clean it out, but it's...
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  • gerryex
    started a topic Anet A6 duct fan not working

    Anet A6 duct fan not working

    Hi ALL,

    Total newbie here with an Anet A6. The assembly went quite well and it all seems to be working. Except the little fan on the side of the extruder that feeds the duct is not running during printing. I know electrically its working as when I put the printer into preheat the fan is running and also during cooldown. But when I start a print it stops running. I'm using Cura 14.07 that came with the printer and in the Advanced tab at the bottom is a section labeled COOL and at...
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  • KingSlayer827
    started a topic Anet A6 motors not working

    Anet A6 motors not working

    I just built my anet a6 3D printer and I plug it in and everything seems to work ok but when I go to try and adjust any of the motors, none of them are moving or doing anything. I figure it to be a problem with either the main board not outputting power to the motors or when I call for the motors to adjust via the knob/lcd screen it’s somehow not connecting. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated thanks.
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  • rewsenj
    started a topic Anet a6 not turning on

    Anet a6 not turning on

    I decided to build an enclosure for my Anet a6 to improve the quality of my prints and it has been working fine for a day or two, but now when I plug in the printer nothing happens and the power supply makes a buzzing sound.
    If anyone has any idea what has happened or how to fix it I would really appreciate it if you could tell me
    (not an a8 but they are similar enough)
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  • New to 3d Printing - Just built a Anet A6

    Hello Everyone, I am new to printing and have just built my first printer the Anet A6. It went together well and seems to work well at first. I am having problems when I try to print a file that I have downloaded from Thingiverse, the printer alignment is wrong and it starts printing with the print bed all the way back and left, prints off the hot bed. Has anyone experienced this problem before I don't know how to fix it. I am using Cura 3.1 for slicing it looks like it works like it is suppose...
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  • BLord
    started a topic Hey all ANET A6 new
    in Anet

    Hey all ANET A6 new

    greetings all I'm new to 3d printing and recently put together my A6, upgraded to Marlin and it would appear that I"m trying to find anything and everything to not do right. lol but hey it's an adventure....
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  • hpcre
    started a topic where to buy Anet A6 parts

    where to buy Anet A6 parts

    Hello all
    I need to buy an Anet A6 kit but i need to buy it's parts in separate shipments. Where can i find individual parts or bundles sold? (Not whole kit in one box).
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  • Anet A6 Kit - Coupon Code- US plug - $179.99

    Coupon Code: A611GBUS...
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  • DorDash
    started a topic Buying a 3D printer

    Buying a 3D printer

    Hi everyone!
    I'm new to 3D printing and I wand to buy a new and chip printer. No more than 180$-200$ I guess.
    I saw Alfawise U30 and some Anet printers are on sell around this price and even lower (180$).
    Do you have a recommendation for a 3D printer no more than 180$? U30 or Anet A8/A6/A4/A2 plus?
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  • txdisco1
    started a topic Arduino IDE not showing Anet board
    in Anet

    Arduino IDE not showing Anet board

    So I just got a anet a6 to play around with and I want to put marlin on it. I using the arduino IDE to talk to the board. I have the marlin config files in there and the anet board details in there but arduino doesn't show an option for the anet board. I working off a mac and have the driver downloaded and arduino recognized the comm port but doesnt show the proper anet board. what should I do?
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  • Gearbest
    replied to Gearbest 3D Printers Daily Deals
    Time: September 6

    #1 Anet A6 3D Desktop Printer Kit 191842602 -- EU PLUG

    >> Page price:$176.47

    >> Coupon:

    >> Coupon price: $165.99

    >> Warehouse: EU

    >> Amount: 50


    Test Video:

    Main Features:
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