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adventurer 3

  • Flashforge Adventurer 3 printer Fitting X-Axis cable!!!

    I have a Flashforge Adventurer 3 printer and the X-Axis cable has broken a wire where the cable goes into the motor. I have purchased a new cable but being new th these machines I have NO idea how to undo it! I have taken the metal plate off the bottom and can see the cable going onto the PCB but can get no further! I have take onto loads of screws and bolts but nothing comes apart!
    HELP PLEASE! has anyone got a video or can anyone advise me on this. It's so annoying that you cannot get it...
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  • CutterK
    started a topic Pla not sticking

    Pla not sticking

    I have an adventurer 3 and mainly print miniatures. The issue is once the printer completes the disposal base the mini base only sticks in few places and the filiment is dragged with the print head. Any ideas what is causing this....
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  • MikeD
    started a topic Very rough print on the first few layers!

    Very rough print on the first few layers!

    Hi, I'm very new to 3D printing. I have a flashforge Adventurer 3 printer and whilst when i first used it all was OK but just lately a problem has occurred! I am getting rough edges on the first few layers, I feel sure it's something I have altered but have no idea what. I have attached a picture to show the problem I am getting. If anyone can point me in the right that would be great
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