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  • taratata
    started a topic SSR-40DA with heater 220v

    SSR-40DA with heater 220v

    here is the connection I made

    I launched repetier-host then m303 E-1 S90 C8. The temperature stagnates at 27.2 ° C.
    I found that the fuse of IEC 320 C14 10A burnt
    I do not know electricity. I think it's a power surge problem.

    Is the cabling scheme wrong?
    Is the fuse undersized?

    The breakers in the house are 16A. As I live in thailand, there is no third ground wire.

    ===== MArlin ===========

    //================================================== =========================...
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  • Gearbest
    replied to Gearbest 3D Printers Daily Deals
    Time: September 5

    #1 CAnet E10 Aluminum Frame Multi-language 3D Printer DIY Kit 218236802 -- EU PLUG

    >> flash sale price: $259.99(banggood is 349.99$)
    >> Amount: 50


    Test Video:

    Main Features:
    ● 12864 LCD screen and keypad for easy offline use
    ● Supports 0.1 - 0.4mm printing layer thickness...
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  • GEARBEST SUPER Bumper Harvest SALE | You’re Invited 2017-09

    Strap yourselves in, folks.

    Super September Bumper Harvest Sale is finally here. Keep calm and carry on, it’s time to get your Super September Savings On. See our prices drop faster than the falling tree leaves. So, whether you want to get a new tech or just looking for the best deal we’ve got you covered this Fall.

    #Bumper #Harvest #Gearbest

    Let’s check out what’s in store for September (all times displayed are UTC Time):

    1. PREHEAT ...
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  • bmxer13
    replied to Need Help: Newbie problem
    / The following define selects which electronics board you have. Please choose the one that matches your setup
    // 10 = Gen7 custom (Alfons3 Version) ""
    // 11 = Gen7 v1.1, v1.2 = 11
    // 12 = Gen7 v1.3
    // 13 = Gen7 v1.4
    //3 = MEGA/RAMPS up to 1.2 = 3
    // 33 = RAMPS 1.3 (Power outputs: Extruder, Bed, Fan)
    // 34 = RAMPS 1.3 (Power outputs: Extruder0, Extruder1, Bed)
    // 4 = Duemilanove w/ ATMega328P...
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  • brian444
    replied to Azteeg x5 Mini controller
    i copied the config.txt from the web site and enabled the vicky2. had to delete some because too large to post all.

    # Serial communications configuration ( baud rate default to 9600 if undefined )
    uart0.baud_rate 115200 # Baud rate for the default hardware serial port
    second_usb_serial_enable false # This enables a second usb serial port (to have both pronterface and a terminal connected)...
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  • Makerbot did get back to me and they suggested that I check the settings (in 3.7) which deal with the material type (PLA vs ABS) on the off chance that one extruder might be set wrong. However, I did notice that nothing seemed "off".

    However, I am at a point where I want to get deeper into slicer settings since I have some old slicer settings from last year (before Makerware became Makerware Desktop). Playing a game of "what has changed?", here is one of the...
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  • TedM
    started a topic Fan problem with new Ender 3 Pro motherboard

    Fan problem with new Ender 3 Pro motherboard

    As I noted in another post, I tried upgrading my Ender 3 Pro with a "silent" motherboard, version 1.1.5 to replace my existing version 1.1.4 board. One issue I found is that the two fans connected to the "FAN" connectors, the chassis fan and the fan blowing onto the printed object, run for a few seconds at boot up but then do not run at all during printing, regardless of the set fan speed. This is different than my old board.

    I did notice that the new board is running...
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  • noelmm
    started a topic Not sure how to proceed

    Not sure how to proceed

    Hi everyone,

    I'm not sure if this is in the right section or not, if it isn't could it please be moved?

    I’m having a problem that started a few weeks ago where if I send an M303 E-1 S60 C5 command (or any temp for S) I get the ‘Error:Thermal Runaway, system stopped! Heater_ID: bed’ immediately and the printer halts. My printer, an original Tevo Tarantula hadn't been used or around 6 months and I wanted to start printing with it again.

    The reason I am...
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  • Part 2

    Below are the standard settings for 3.7 (Makerware Desktop) - Standard Settings
       "_bot" : "replicator2x",
       "_extruders" : [ 0 ],
       "_materials" : [ "abs", "abs" ],
       "adjacentFillLeakyConnections" : false,
       "adjacentFillLeakyDistanceRatio" : 0,
       "anchorExtrusionAmount" : 5.0,
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  • Ender 3 Pro quality,safety tips and tech support issues

    Hi gays this is a post about a new Ender 3 pro printer that i purchased this year from creality 3d store. This official store advertised that all printers are assembled and checked before shipping to customers . So i was in that regard sure that i will get a printer, that is safe to use and
    perform in use as expected.
    Also many sites are making a fuzz about how good this printer actually is,and many of these site are payed reviews,so they will advertise the good stuff but not the...
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  • Do you expect Gearbest 4th anniversary? 2018.3.19 to 2018.04.02

    Dear friends opcorn:

    On the market for already 4 years, GearBest is forward to become the number one electronics reseller from China. Of course, a party to celebrate this success is mandatory.
    The whole celebration starts on March 20. Therefore, we encourage you to read the Gearbest 4th Anniversary Celebration guide. The whole was divided into three phases:
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  • Gearbest
    replied to Gearbest 3D Printers Daily Deals
    Cool deals today~

    What are you looking for?

    Pls look here and we provide the good deals

    #1 Xiaomi Wiha 24 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Kit

    > Page price: $28.99

    > Coupon: XiaomiWiha $19.99

    > Amount:200

    > In China warehouse​​

    #2 Transparent Skill...
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  • Introduction of tea bag packaging machine

    Tea bag packaging machine is suitable for seeds, tea, etc, such as vegetable seeds, Chinese medicine yinpian, health tea, tea bags and other materials such as automatic packaging. This machine is suitable for tea, medicine tea, coffee and other small particles inside and outside the bag of one-time packaging.

    Features of tea bag packaging machine:

    1. The machine is a new type of heat sealing, multi-functional automatic tea bag packaging equipment.The main feature of the...
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  • TMC2208 UART on CR10s Pro for linear advance (guide)

    Did some reverse engineering of the TMC2208 on the CR10s Pro Creality v2.4 motherboard to enable linear advance.
    Here is a quick guide on how to mod your Creality motherboard to enable the UART on the TMC2208 of the extruder.

    By the way... there is a design flaw with the TMC2208 connections on this board. The three TMC2208 pins PDN_UART, DIAG and INDEX are all connected together and pulled up by a 100k resistor to +5V. That way the INDEX and DIAG ouputs are working against eachother....
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    Last edited by 3Dprinty; 06-05-2020, 12:22 PM. Reason: Found PIN 64 to be the heater gpio

  • mechnut450
    started a topic looking ot upgrade in near future

    looking ot upgrade in near future

    So over the next 4-6 months I wanto consider upgrading from the Qidi tech 1 printer (dual extruder- it a 2018 model) to a better one possible I found that the he filament will break in the side that not being used when I do single color set up. after a print or 2 ( so always re loading the head if I try t switch after a few prints ( pain and waste materiel) I also seems that the different filaments will produce different quality prints( which I get) but some times it seems even on the same roll...
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