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Issues with petg filament

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    Issues with petg filament

    I purchased 2 rolls of petg filament as I had ran out of my pla in green ( I need the color). anyhow start using it and i adjusted it all to the proper settings it asked for.. but I am having a issue with the filament not sticking to the bed ( or itself) it prefers to stick to the nozzle and resulting in me spending ( about 3 hours now) in cleaning the nozzle when caught it messing up.. i seen it print fine then go get drink and find a wad of filament around the nozzle where the supports for the piece I am printing popped free of either board or self and melt to the nozzle and gets worse the longer I not no top of it.
    I have a qiditech tech 1 ( dual head ) printer and has printed great with pla. I ma down to trying to set the heating piece higher and increasing the plate temp ( which after about 50C the blue pad wants to blister off( curl on edges)

    little update I still having sticking issues with it for supports, but that seems to be due to heating of the bed/thickness of the filament. I turned off the supports and got a better print with minimum issues. so I think the petg requires higher heat ( plus the bed heated) to work better on my printer.

    this brings me to the point of considering changing my nozzle as this one show signs of wear and if the ideal of going down to a .2 nozzle versus the .4 nozzle ( would I need to make any adjustments to the settings on printer ( besides slowing down the print speed?)