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Filament Suggestions for Oil Catch Can

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    Filament Suggestions for Oil Catch Can


    I'm part of an FSAE team at my university this year. One of my tasks is to make the oil catch can. I'd love to 3d print this in order to save weight, gain points in design(alternative material) and potentially save cost and time. We have a good amount of rapid prototyping experience but not with a material that must meet these demands. The catch can needs to be able to hold a liquid(perfect layer adhesion) and that liquid has the potential of seeing up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. We would of course be doing testing on this material before it goes on the car to ensure no premature failure. I was hoping to get a suggestion on a material. Maybe a material plus a resin to ensure no leakage?

    The material you will need for these temperatures is PEEK.
    It prints at 320'C approx & will need a machine that can cope with this heat...
    (I have a machine that can print this stuff - & can help you)
    230'F = 110'C... & even ABS will be soft & pliable as a printed part at this temperature...

    PEEK material is a horrific price but is getting cheaper. I am unsure of the price, but it was a few hundred per kilo I believe..... prob cheaper now.
    so, ensure your design will actually print... and with minimal wastage, minimal support material & ensure you get good advice from
    an experienced 3d Print person to make sure the design is printable with minimal complications.


      Polycarbonate should be fine for your application. It has a glass transition temperature quite a bit higher than your needs. You'll need an enclosure to print it... And the usual: all metal hotend, heated bed, etc. The hotter the bed, the better. You can use garolite sheet on top of your bed to get it to stick.


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