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    recycled Ocean plastic supplier

    Hi All,

    While there are a number of suppliers offering recycle plastics as part of their range , I am specifically looking to use plastic that has been reclaimed / recycled from the ocean.

    Would anyone know of such an eco-friendly supplier ? it is such a niche it is hard to find

    Thanks in advance,

    Sounds like you've got your next kickstarter!

    Its actually quite hard to recycle plastics into filament. You have contaminants, different types of plastics with different melting temps and other material properties, and many plastic products contain up to 30% plant material.

    So even doing this in a more controlled setting like using your own waste is challenging. Throwing the added complexities of recovering waste from the great pacific garbage patch makes it all the more difficult.


      I'd have to agree with Freeform here - plastic like that might be recyclable as filler for roadbeds or something, but making mixed plastic recovered from the ocean into filament that would extrude flawlessly through a tiny nozzle would require technology that hasn't been invented yet, as far as I know. A while back I read about a fundraising appeal for someone attempting to do this, but I'm not sure what came of that project.

      If you want to print with recycled plastic in the near future, there's a Kickstarter project that's supposed be delivering product next month, from PET recycled in Tanzania (which sounds a lot more feasible):

      Andrew Werby


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