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EinStart-S desktop 3D printer-- SHINING3D

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    Trade: EinStart-S desktop 3D printer-- SHINING3D

    Hello friends,

    Einstart-S desktop 3D printer, developed by Shining3D. It is the second generation desktop 3D printer of Shining3D. Einstart-S is designed for personal or home use, features in easy operation, dazzling outlook, unique one-press printing design, meets all the needs of 3D printing. Any user can operate the printer within 10 minutes and print the first 3D model to have fun.

    Shining 3D is a high-tech company that offers the overall 3D digitizing technology solution. It focuses on 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, which helps customers creative values in various industries like manufacturing, medical, culture creative and educational sectors. Products have been sold to more than 60 countries thanking to its dominating overall strength, technical power and excellent after-sales service.

    Model 3D printer--Einstart I-S
    Printing accuracy(mm) 0.10-0.35
    Nozzle diameter(mm) 0.4
    Print head Single
    Printing envelope(mm) 160×160×160
    Material PLA
    Internal illumination Yes
    Control software 3D START 1.3(Graphic interface)
    Pause Yes
    Multi-color printing Yes (pause to change material)
    Display screen Off-line printing
    Data input USB\TF card
    Workstation WINDOWS
    Material Plate Internal
    Axis running speed 60
    Printing speed(cm3/h) 30
    Net Weight(kg) 9.8kg
    Equipment dimension(mm) 300*320*390
    Package(mm) 459*424*474
    Gross weight(kg) 13.8kg

    1.Stable Printing: smart control system ensures the stable printing effect for big size model's long time printing.
    2.Safety Precautions: Safety precautions have been taken for key parts, like*the one designed to avoid the print head's overheating, which might lead to*permanent damage.
    3.Dazzling outlook:In-built LED light shining from inside and color front*panel choices.
    4.Offline Print, Unnecessary PC Connection: Users can input the model data*into the SD card built inside the 3D Printer for offline printing.

    1.Inspire the students’ creative thoughts and practical operation skills
    Help students learn about 3D technology and get them trained for the operation;
    Inspire students’ creative ideas, transforming their new concepts into real object 3D models.
    2.Let designers’and makers' dreams come true
    Most of the designers' and makers'bold ideas can be presented in real models within a few hours, no need for mold development or milling, casting process, etc.
    For most DIY fans, they can print their own DIY components, probably to build another.
    3.Reduce companies’ innovation cost.
    Product prototype can be printed fast, efficient for design communication and simple assembly test; this boosts the new products’ R&D and sales cycle.
    Due to the low cost, different design models can be printed for comparing at the new product designing period, which helps to find the optimal design.
    4.Bring happiness to your family, bring fun to your life.
    A father can print an creative toy for his child; an husband can print a unique gift for his wife; this strengths the love between family and beloved ones.
    You can print your own simple tools, no need to run unnecessary errands.

    For more information contact us at
    or through our website
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    Does anyone wanna learn more?