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[want to buy] looking for Zprint 450 or Zprint 650

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    Wanted: [want to buy] looking for Zprint 450 or Zprint 650

    Actually I am not an expert in the field of graphic design and I am still new to the 3D printer, but I want to start to build a business in my country based 3D printer technology.
    So, forgive me if there are "probably" look silly by you on my questions.

    I want to buy a 3D printer machine,
    My choice is between: Zprint Zprint 450 & 650.
    Actually I prioritize "printer used". But if I find a seller printer with the new conditions at lower prices than the market, then I would be interested too

    So, if you have Zcorp 450 or Zcorp 650 used for sale, let's please write to me soon, I really need that information immediately.

    Before we talk about price, please inform in advance the condition of your printer briefly.

    I'm serious, then I hope you are too serious.

    Actually I no problems of any country you come from, I can do international transactions, or come straight to you in your country.

    You can contact me at: