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SLA printer? good and bad?

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    SLA printer? good and bad?

    Hello gang,

    I am new to 3D and am looking for a low cost printer.

    I saw SLA type printers that really looked interresting?

    here is what I found upto now... WARNING... REMEMBER I am the PERFECT definition of a NEWBIE.... So please be nice...

    1- SLA printing is limited in size (Minus)
    2- SLA may need an external light source to cure the printed items (I think?)
    3- SLA looks like the printed items may need a complex cleaning after finished?
    4- SLA seems to need more maintenance traditional 3d printer?
    5- cost of printing ??? Seems similar???
    6- SLA print quality looks better?
    7- SLA printing looks better quality and higher resolution?
    8- is SLA faster or slower?
    9- heat and fire issue seems less a wory with SLA?
    10- is SLA a good choise for a NEWBIE like me!
    11- can you suggest a good low price SLA printer?

    please use this list to reference and add you points as needed...


    Richard VE2DX

    Hey there VE2DX

    I'm building a SLA printer from zero, but i'm also a newbie. I'll try to answer some of your questions and probably we can help each other

    I'm building a Bottom-up (wich means the elevator where my printing happens is going up and the printer is below the vat, where the resin is (i prefer this one because it will cost less resin when printing)) SLA with LCD as mask (I wont use a UV laser pointing at the resin, i'll have UV LEDs as backlight for a LCD screen, that will show picture of the hole layer at once, making it much faster, a little complicated to build, but still cheap. the only thing is that the resolution of the screen will be what will result in high or low details on the printing)

    Now, for the answers
    1 - Depends on the size of the printer, I believe. The SLA is one of the printers that can make printings with more details, thats for sure, but about the size, I've seen SLA making really big action figures, so it depends on the size of the printer, really (and that goes not only for SLA)
    2 - The SLA works with a liquid resin that needs to solidify, so yes, it does need a curing light.
    3 - Less than most of the other printers. The polishng is needed because you'll need to print suports on everything print, when working with a SLA (that's why you'll put them on the side of the printing with less details). And no, no complex cleaning. A sand paper will do.
    6 - Yes, it is a better quality.
    7 - yep.
    8 - Depends on the printer, but an SLA that use mirrors to direct the laser or a DLP (people use a projector that projects the image of each layer on the vat) or a LCD as a mask still is faster than a regular additive manufaturing.
    9 - There will be no heating on the printing. If sometinhg heats, it'll be the motors of the axis of the printer and on the LEDs, but thats all. I haven't seen anywhere saying something about that on an SLA project.
    10 - hm... yeah, why not? haha I'm doing it. Most of the printers have the same principles, so it doesn't change much, in my opinion (opinion of someone that read a lot, but have no experience on the area, just to be clear). The only down side of an SLA is the UV light. It's expensive, bu the rest of the parts cost the same for most of the printers.

    The topics that I didn't answer is because I really have no idea of prices of industrial printers, just an idea for the prices of parts of the project I'm making, but I know that a projector with UV light is expensive, so DLP project comes with some expenses.

    That's all. hope I could help you. Also hope we can help each other further
    *By the way, I have the books Additive Manufacturing Technologies of Ian Gibson and The 3D printing Handbook of Ben Redwood and it's a good start for you to understand more about 3D printing. Some of the information is out of date (this technology is advancing really fast), but they still are great books to start. I can send on your email (I have them on PDF), if you want, but I believe it wont be hard to find them.
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      Also, I posted this on another forum, if you get interested on my project