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Felix PRO 2 for sell

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    Felix PRO 2 for sell

    Felix Printer PRO 2 - used 7-8 spools totaly. For sell
    1-no any damage, just recived it from factory for mintinance and full checking before selling
    2-full automatic auto leveling
    3-extra 4 magnatic beds with kapton sticker and foil heater.
    4-extra 5 universal full metal hotend. Refrubished some and some new. Can uses for right or left extruders.
    5-dual extruders with smart rise up ectruder.
    6-original packing qith foam and protect.
    7-PLA filament 1kg include.
    8-usb cabel and sd card.
    9-ready to shipping by UPS ..150 euro imclude with the price. If more shipping cost. Then will add to rest price.
    Price 2100 euro include all the parts mansioned above and ahipping cover ups to 150 euro.
    10-bed is removable

    You can find the full details in website of felixprinters.

    1-The price from factory 2250 exclude shipping.
    2-each bed price is 70 euro
    3-each universal hotend is 95 euro
    4-reason of selling to buy Dlp or sla printers.
    5-ready to shipping worldwide