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Filament and Ubis Ceramic Style Hot End Tips for Sale

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    For Sale: Filament and Ubis Ceramic Style Hot End Tips for Sale

    Hello everyone!

    I'm selling the 1.75mm filament shown below. I purchased them a while back for an older Printrbot. However, for months I've been printing with the UM2 Extended exclusively and I can't use any of the 1.75mm filament on that machine. Here is the list of items I’m offering for sale (in no particular order):

    • Taulman3D Bridge Nylon, 1.75mm, Natural, 1lb (1 spool, new)
    • FormFutura water soluble PVA, 1.75mm, Natural (2 spools - 1 new, 1 slightly used)
    • ABS, 1.75mm, Natural, 1kg (1 spool, new)
    • PLA, 1.75mm, Jade White Ultra, 750g (2 spools, new)
    • PLA, 1.75mm, Orange Peel, 500g (1 spool, new)
    • PLA, 1.75mm, Black is the new Black, 500g (1 spool, new)
    • Gold NinjaFlex, 1.75mm, 50g (sample size, new)
    • PLA, 1.75mm, Natural (sample size, new)
    • PLA, 1.75mm, Dark Gray (sample size, slightly used)

    • Hot End Tips for the Ubis Ceramic Style Hot End, 0.4mm (Qty: 7, new)

    I'm selling this entire lot for $185 plus shipping.

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