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    For Sale: Smart Materials 3D

    We are manufactures of 3D filaments based in Spain.

    We have some filaments specially made for the industry field.

    Here is some information about us:

    Special filaments
    We are constantly working on creating new filaments to cover most of the fields. At the moment we have some special films very interesting specially for the industry.

    Consistent Quality
    We have worked to find the best manufacturing processes to create our product. Smart Materials 3D filament is manufactured to have excellent roundness and the best consistency. We manufacture to ± 0.05 mm in some cases even to ± 0.03. A better quality filament with the same roundness all over is more likely to run smoothly through your 3D printer and less likely to cause problems and fewer problems mean less waste and better prints.

    Whatever your kind of printer Smart Materials 3D has the filament:

    We have 1,75 and 2,85/3 mm filaments

    At SMART MATERIALS 3D our aim is to provide the the best 3D printing material and services available. We are an energetic company that believes in the power of digital manufacturing as a world-changing technology. We are willing to listen to ideas and respond swiftly to new demands. We offer consultancy services, helping organizations integrate 3D printing in to their business. We continuously develop our products and services to help you make your print projects amazing.

    SMART MATERIALS 3D works with some of the Spanish leading specialists in 3D printing. Using our knowledge and expertise we have developed our materials to be of exceptionally high quality

    SMART MATERIAS 3D is based in Spain, we make our own filaments. This means, our filaments are checked for quality and is of the highest European manufacturing standards.
    Most importantly, at SMART MATERIALS 3D we are passionate about 3D printing because of that we are open to make new filaments customized to your needs, we are “open minded”

    I would like to emphasize that currently we are manufacturing the following materials:

    PLA PLA 100% premium does not incorporate recycled or recovered material. Fully stabilized and variability in diameter of ± 0.03 / 0.05 mm. No warping occurs. Excellent resolution in printing.
    ABS ABS with special aditives to reduce the temperature of the warn bed to 60C. Minimizes warping and cracking. Excellent dimensional stability and regularity in printing.
    ABS H.I. ABS high impact strength, specially designed for the industrial sector and recommended to print parts requiring high mechanical performance.
    HIPS High impact polystyrene, ideal for printing very resistant parts with excellent mechanical properties. ABS has similar characteristics, it can be sanded and painted with acrylic paints. Ideal as support material, as it dissolves D-Limonene.
    FLEX Thermoplastic elastomer with special additives to obtain a filament which allows printing flexible, elastic and with a high printing quality. Shore improved compared to the competition.
    PLA 3D850 Ingeo by NatureWorks PLA with very low thermal shrinkage, ideal for printing parts with incredible resolution, accurate and without deformation and improved mechanical and thermal properties that our SMARTFIL® PLA. Very easy to use and great performance.
    PETG Copolyester with 91% transparency in its natural state, large glass-like and very strong, with high chemical resistance. Accepted for use with food products use (FDA). It is very easy to print, as it has very low shrinkage and requires no warm bed.
    PP Polypropylene with special additives to improve its adhesion to the printing surface. Very versatile, transparent, lightweight and recyclable material. It also has excellent mechanical and chemical resistance making it ideal for any industrial application.
    In the coming weeks, in addition, we will be launching:

    · BIOPOLYESTER L.T. (printable at 60º-80ºC)
    · NYSTRONG (Nylon reinforced with fiberglass)
    · Nylon

    On the other hand, find attached photos of our NEW PACKAGING: SMART BAG. It is a multilayer bag with special film, EVOH barrier and sealing zip highly effective. It has a transparent background that allows to see the colour and tonality of the product stored inside, and it has a warranty seal. Its advantages:
    · Eco friendly packaging: recyclable and reusable, can be used to store and protect a single coil filament several times.
    · Greater protection against external agents: 280% higher barrier effect to water vapor (moisture) and 2600% more gas barrier effect than a normal vacuum bag.
    · Specially designed and labeled for exposure distribution channels and its functional use by the final consumer.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting me.

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