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Go (monu)mental over these Italian stone filaments

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    For Sale: Go (monu)mental over these Italian stone filaments

    We added new samples from TreeD Filaments, and Italian filament manufacturer that has some really unique grades.

    A quick rundown of the new products we stock:
    • Monumental - marble-filled, looks like stone
    • Heritage Brick - powder-filled to look like brick
    • Sandy - powder-filled to look like limestone or sand
    • FlexMark7 - a SUPER bendy and elastic filament, more-so than NinjaFlex
    • FlexMark9 - a flexible filament similar to SemiFlex, a good starter for printing flexibles
    • Ecogenius PLA - a quality PLA
    • Performance ABS - a quality ABS

    Stop by to try them out!

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