Hi everyone!

I'm planning to make a shell for the prototype of a dispositive which consist of thermomether for different liquids. The thermomether will be attached to the edge of the recipient that contain the liquid. The liquid won't exceed the 110 ?C.

I would like to order the 3D print of the shell. I was searching in PCBway the different materials that they offer. Trying to choose the best quality/prize option I think use resin instead of PLA. The resins I selected were:
- UTR 3100 (https://pcbwayfile.s3-us-west-2.amaz...8006796218.pdf)
- UTR 9000 (https://pcbwayfile.s3-us-west-2.amaz...9371686034.pdf)
- SOMOS LEDO Resin (https://pcbwayfile.s3-us-west-2.amaz...4469151561.pdf)

The requeriments of my application are:
- Resistance to vapors until 110?C
- Enough resistance to resist accidentally falls and hits

Additionally I would like an elegant appearance.

What materials among the listed would you recomend me? Do you suggest me use other kind of resin, PLA or other material?

Thank you so much!