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Front door upper clip help

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    Front door upper clip help

    Well I just got my makerbot mini today. After I unpacked and began to remove the tape from the front door I noticed it came right no big deal or so I thought.
    When I look I noticed there was no clip for lack of a better word to hold the door in on the top. It appears it broke off some point before it got to me.

    I don't really want to send it back for something so stupid after all it is a 3d printer I am sure it could print a part so it can be glued on. But I'm clueless how to design anything let alone a small piece like that I'm totally new to this. Could anyone help me out and create one I can just print? Was trying to search online figured I couldn't be the first but couldn't find it.

    Thanks Ted

    Welcome to the forum, Tedz! Now is as good a time as ever to learn 3D modeling. I would use this as a learning opportunity. I would also call Makerbot as they should be able to just send a clip since this is a brand new machine.

    For design software, I would start with one of these:
    DesignSpark Mechanical
    Autodesk Fusion 360


      Just created an account on tinker cad actually. Also got a digital caliber yesterday.

      Yes I have a few things I need to try and make. That clip should be interesting since such a small piece. But knew I would be needing to design so should be interesting.

      Thanks for the places to try for designing. Will be checking them all out for sure.



        The digital caliper is essential for things like this clip, so great purchase! Let us know if you run into any printing issues or have any general design questions.


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