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Problem with extruder on MB 5th Generation

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  • Problem with extruder on MB 5th Generation

    Our client have a problem with smart extruder (type 12.2.1) on his printer. Model of printer is MB 5th Generation 3D printer, and the printer is new.
    When he like attaching an extruder, the printer make an error about extruder attachment.
    Only when put a plastic tail around an extruder, printer recognized it.

    I tried with different type of extruder, but the problem is the same.
    I check connector pins, but they are OK
    Firmware is up to date.
    * The air plenum on bottom of extruder is missing (see attachment) . Is this a possible reason about the problem?

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    If you receive an attachment error regardless of which compatible smart extruder you attach then this would suggest that there is an issue with the connections on the machine side. You should clean these and see if it improves your connection. Your one stop, 3D printing shop


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      Thanks for the reply. We clean connectors on the machine side, but the problem still there. My opinion is that the problem is the distance between extruder and machine, and the pins can't connected each other.


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        No one ever confirmed that this was simply a terrible product released by a company that cares more about money than producing products of merchantable quality?


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          Hi guys, with a big delay I will tell you where was the issue with the extruder. I disassembled the toggle head assy. and I saw the one of the screw of the stepper motor was not tighten. That was the reason for the issue.
          The stepper motor was stand little bit curved and the extruder doesn't connect with the pins.


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