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    MakerBot Fantasy Pro 2 buying

    Hi everyone. I've never dealt with 3D Printers but would like to purchase one. I did some research looking for a suitable printer, yet not very expensive and according to specifications it seems like ECubMaker Fantasy Pro is a good choice. The first thing I was looking for is the size of the printed area (I need not less than 240mm). I found this printer on Amazon with free shipping to Ukraine, the price for it is $1,299.00.
    Now, it seems like there is a newer model (ECubMaker Fantasy Pro 2), which has a bigger printing area of 300 x 200 x 200, but I can not find a shop to buy it from!!!!
    I did some googling and the only online "shop" that sells it is I've never used this site before and I do not want to be pushed around my finger. Here is the link:

    It seems like the seller is the official representative from their factory.

    I contacted the seller asking about the price and shipping costs to Ukraine and also if they accept PayPal, and here is what she answered me:

    As per your inquired 3D printer FATNASY PRO II, please see product info below.

    Item: FANTASY PRO II 3D Printer
    All-metal frame, aluminum alloy casing, fully enclosed
    Dual nozzles, nozzle diameter 0.4mm
    High resolution, layer thickness 0.05-0.3mm
    Printing size: 300*200*200mm
    Slicing software: Cura, Makerbot desktop
    File format: STL, Gcode, OBJ, etc.
    Size: 506*379*454mm
    NW: 36kg

    FOB price: $980 per set with two rolls of filament for free
    Shiping cost to Ukraine is about $220
    Paypal is ok for us. Are you going to place the order now?
    If so, I will send you Proforma Invoice with our Paypal account information to you.
    So, I do not know, but it is a bit suspicious, that the price of the NEWER BIGGER model is only 980 US without shipping costs. On the other hand it is good they accept PayPal, so if there is smth. wong I believe I can receive a refund.
    Is there anyone who bought this model recently from
    And the last question - is this printer worth the money???
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    I do not know much about that printer and don't really care to. However, this sets off tons of alarm bells for me. Don't pay with paypal, you're unlikely to get your money back. I think alibaba has good buyer's protection if you do pay through them. Generally if a seller doesn't want you to pay through the site, then it's a bad idea.

    The payment methods that it looks like this group accepts are methods that are hard to reverse. Basically, buyer beware.


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