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Difference in Size Seen in Software vs RL

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  • Difference in Size Seen in Software vs RL

    Im creating my first basic shapes for printing with my Makerbot Replicator 2X. Im using the 1.7mm 1kg rolls of ABS filament supplied by Makerbot when this unit was purchased. However, I notice that the objects I am printing seem to differ in height and width when compared to the dimensions that Makerware actually sees.

    Click image for larger version

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    This object came out 43.10mm in diameter (43.10mm for X and Y) and a bit taller than that 20mm height seen here. What the heck? Im using very basic slicer settings.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	slicersettings-standard.jpg
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    My first guess is that this has to do with what layer height has been set in my Slicer Options. The extruder seems to lay down a bead in the right size dimensions, but maybe half of that .2mm "bead" forms outside of the circle that it draws as it extrudes my cylindar upward. That would suggest to me that I have to design my model with this "growth" in mind.

    Also tried using the second spool of filament that came with my printer's order, loading and unloading the extruders just to rule out that there is any issue at the extruder level. Just unsure if this kind of behavior is "normal" in the 3D printing world, or at least with Makerbot's products.

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