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Review - Makerbot 5th gen

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    Review - Makerbot 5th gen

    We started our business with a brand new makerbot 5th gen printer in September 2014. It has been 7 months now. The initial 4 months went without a hitch, no errors with either the printer or the filament or the extruder. Then one fine day, our extruder became clogged, which after googling, we found that it is a common occurence in this printer. We got ourselves a new extruder and started printing again.
    During the last month or so, we have had lots of errors cropping up. We donot update the desktop program, but update the firmware pretty regularly. After the current update, the litany of errors started. A complete list of all the errors to date:
    error 16 extruder carriage is disconnected
    Error 1008 toolhead command TX faikure
    Extruder kept falling down during printing
    Error 1024 smart extruder is not communicating
    Thermocouple communication failure

    We were in communication with makerbot all through, because we still had our limited warranty with them. Now we are waiting to send in our printer for repairs, which they said might last 2 to 3 weeks, maybe more. There is no option of sending us a temporary replacement printer.

    Over all, not satisfied with the quality of the printer or the customer support.

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