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Topographic Map and QR codes

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    Topographic Map and QR codes


    I'm a teacher at the middle school level in Maine. My kids are hungry for experiences and opportunities in the 3D printing world so I hope this forum can help!

    I want to print a topographic map about four feet long in pieces. I wouldn't have hundreds of levels, but perhaps 12 to 18. What tool would you recommend using to make the shapes? What do you recommend in terms of connecting the pieces together? I've got a Makerbot Replicator 5 and use PLA (if that matters). I'm somewhat of an experienced novice (enough to be dangerous anyway).

    Question 2: Looking for recommendations on printing a 3D QRcode that works. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

    What do you mean by what tool ? Do you have samples of any files. You could use Fusion 360 or even Freecad. To join sections you could make it like a jigsaw puzzle idea on the edge that way sections will align only one way. Not sure what QR code refers to unless its a Makerbot Gcode. Where can I find a topographic map you may want to use to try . There was somebody on a facebook group was into that 3D printers builders/designers group.


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