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I have no idea whats causing this! HELP

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    I have no idea whats causing this! HELP

    Having a little trouble with my 3D printer, Its a Makerbot Replicator 2 and i haven't really had loads of time using however i'm not new to 3D printing either. I'm currently trying to print a simple sphere however im having issues with one side. Ive included pictures and as you can see one side is incredibly rough and choppy whereas the other side is perfectly smooth. I have tried everything software related to try and solve the problem and I've also leveled the bed numerous times, blocked off the sides of the printer to combat any draft and messed around with the print settings but i am having no luck. If anyone has any suggestions as to what it may be please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help!
    Smooth side Rough side

    I would try a couple of things;
    1.Try tightening the belts or re-aligning the gantry
    2. Clean out your nozzle. Particles in there can make the filament come out a weird angle.

    I wounder if one is being hit by the active cooling fan (the duct down the side). Inconsistency in that air could be causing the layers to cool at different rates.


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