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Geeetech a20m or FLSUN 3d double extruder

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    Geeetech a20m or FLSUN 3d double extruder

    Hey im new on the forum.
    i want to buy 3d printer and i need some help.
    first i was looking to buy a creality ender 3 but i have some more budget now so i found two 3d printers. Geeetech a20m and FLSUN 3d printer. One is half assembled one is diy. I cant find much about FLSUN 3d printer so the comunity for this printer is small and can be problem for me since im new in 3d printers. Both printers are dual extrude. Printing size is 255x255x300 vs 300x300x400. FLSUN have touch screen and dual Z axis motors. Which one do you recomend? Are there any other printers in that price range up to 400€ that have dual extrude and printing bed larger then 200x200mm?

    Thanks for help

    denis, I don't know anything about the FLSUN, but I have a A20M and it is a good printer. Unless you are going to go higher then 255mm, it will be a good printer for you. I also have a monoprice mini IIIP and it is 120X120X120 and there is a lot I can't print on it. One word of caution about the A20M, I have heard and it happened to me, the upright on the right side when you put it together were stripped. It was either send it back or fix it myself, so I fixed it myself with oversize self threading screws and it's working fine. It is the only problem I have heard other then the support isn't great, but I don't think the support on any of them is that great, and the price is wright. hope this helped a little.