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Is nanoDLP like 3DPrinterOs?

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    Is nanoDLP like 3DPrinterOs?

    Hi everyone.

    I've been going through this post:

    And what i found on looked interesting, i didn't test it yet, but it seems like to be very handy as they say you can handle it only on a Raspberry and over network, I'm not sure yet if there is any file sharing but i am wondering if the concept is the same as

    Is there anyone who have tested both things?

    Looks similar to Octoprint and 3dprinterOS, but made specifically for DLP printers. I use Octoprint on a Raspberry Pi (OctoPi) with my Simple Metal and it works great.

    NanoDLP is a local run software setup, whereas 3DprinterOS is cloud based with lots of use management functions.
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