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How to stop Stringies from Coarse Mesh

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  • How to stop Stringies from Coarse Mesh


    I have been trying a few things to remove "stringies" from this Coarse Mesh that I'm printing.

    It's a guard for a water pump.

    Here is a video. I am using Simplify3D with the following Ooze Settings.

    Any ideas on what I can try?

    This is PLA and is gets worse with PETG.


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    Have you calibrated the extruder ?? It could be overextruding, i was going to suggest adding to the retraction settings but its quite high already,


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      Hmm not sure what is meant be Calibrating?

      I usually run 3mm retraction and .1mm height but tried 6mm/3mm on this print and it didn't help.


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        If you remove the filament from the hotend so its free to push the filament into free air, heat up the empty hotend (so you can tell the printer to extrude, most wont extrude with the hotend velow 170c) put a mark on the filament where it leaves the bowden tube, extrude 100mm, measure and see how much is extruded, so if you ask for 100mm and it measutes 110 you can reduce the extrusion multiplier by 10%, not a very good explanation but i think you should be able to figure what i mean, or google extruder calibration


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          Wow. That's a great explanation. I definitely get it. I will check.


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            Let me know how you get on bud and i will see if i can help further if this doesnt solve it


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              Hey, I did calibrate and found that when extruding 100mm I was actually getting 122mm.

              So I reduced to 82% modifier (was 100%).

              Here are before and after pics. Top one with worse strings is "before".

              So it helped a lot but did not solve it. Also both of these were printed with 3mm retract FYI.




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                I would try lowering the extruder temp and see if it helps. It looks like you are printing too hot.


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                  Also, you might try slowing down your print speed and retraction speed so the filament has a chance to ooze back into the nozzle instead of oozing out making a bridge.


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                    I agree try lowering the extruder temp and maybe drop the print speed a little


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                      Try dropping the extruder multiplier to 78% that should bring the figures right, i had a 8% drop and it worked better than expected


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                        Originally posted by jjpython
                        Try dropping the extruder multiplier to 78%
                        Hey, is the intent when calibrating, to make it extrude 100mm when you tell it to? If so, then I am pretty sure 82% gets me closer than 78%.

                        Or are we trying to intentionally under-extrude a little bit?




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