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12" x 12" x 3" (300mm x 300mm x 80mm) Subsurface Engraver Rapid Scanner Crystal Laser

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    For Sale: 12" x 12" x 3" (300mm x 300mm x 80mm) Subsurface Engraver Rapid Scanner Crystal Laser

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    Product Highlights:
    . If the 3D Portrait Laser Subsurface Engraving machine be equipped with conversion software developed with our own technology, it can transfer the 2D normal photo into `3D` images, you would not buy the 3D camera, it will reduce your total input cost.
    . This laser subsurface engraving machine adopted the advanced galvanometer scanner technology together with 2KHz diode-pumped YAG frequency doubling laser which is faster, the laser point is more thin and bright, the image also will be more elaborate and lively.
    . The key parts of the apparatus mainly come from `Germany` and the USA. It is more reasonable and steady for long-term production.
    . Suitable for individual production and batch fast process. Just one machine could be satisfied with capacity for both storefronts network distribution and electric-business distribution.
    . The laser subsurface engraving machine can engrave the large scale crystal products at 300*300*80mm once time, also can engrave many small size products once time.
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