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Free Platform to Connect Makers with Customers

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    Free Platform to Connect Makers with Customers

    Hey everyone, I'm a maker and the solo developer behind It's a 100% free platform designed to boost online visibility for makers and digital artisans. Each maker gets the opportunity to create and manage a dedicated Maker page, which is fully optimized for search engines like Google. This means potential customers can find a maker based on the categories of specialization, the products created, the materials used, the regions served, and much more.

    It's completely free and, although it’s still in beta, it’s fairly usable. I genuinely believe it will facilitate connections and collaborations between makers and customers, opening doors to exciting new conversations and ventures.

    In the website I also regularly share weekly product ideas and guides such as a simple income statement template to evaluate the profitability of a new project. Hope this helps!

    I will have a look... Do you think in future you could think of a way of interfacing it with an already existing website? The idea is to have a page on my website, where clients can go and interact, without having to leave it, maybe even using their own username registered onto it.
    I am using Joomla as a CMS
    Thank you in advance
    Kind regards