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Extruder Upgrade Vellman K8200

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  • Extruder Upgrade Vellman K8200


    I am thinking to upgrade the Extruder from my K8200. My first idea was the official extruder upgrade from vellman. But i have seen third party extruders aswell. Whats is better?
    And how would i mound third party extruders?

    Greetings Losspost

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    Hi I have never heard of the K8200, but why not google it for your answer. Good Luck


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      4runner. What a shitty reply. Why don't you use google and see what the K8200 looks like. Don't just answer to have an extra post to your name. Try and give some real input.

      Losspost. My printer is not a K8200, I upgraded to the Diamond head from RepRap but had to spent some more money on electronics. Spent a lot of time teying to dial everything in and it's not 100% yet as I'm extremely busy with work. The best advice I can give is (if you don't have a lot of spare tume and knowledge ) to try and stay with your manufacturer upgrades as your support will be better and you should hopefully dial it in quick with firmware and settings from them. If you have a lot of time go for another extruder that you would ultimately like to have on your printer.
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