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tevo black widow z axis

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  • tevo black widow z axis

    sorry if this has been addressed before, but

    I'm just starting 3d printing and have just put together the black widow, overall I'm pleased, but I,m complete noob. The Z axis home position switch seems to be backwards, wrong polarity. The bridge won't go down to home unless the switch is activated. There seems to be no place to mount the switch so that it would be active the entire z travel and then de energize at home position. How do I invert this switch? I guess I could learn how to modify marlin, but I'm already suffering cranial overload. There must be an easy way.

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    if the switch is a micro type it may have 3 prongs nc no com if so switch no to nc or vice versa otherwise its done in firmware under z axis end stops making a true a false on z min this is done in config.h of marlin or buy a micro with 3 prongs if its optical switch it has to be done in firmware


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