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  • Filament quality

    Hi everybody. I got a new 1kg roll ABS filament from a local supplier.
    When I took it out of the plastic I felt straight away that the filament was not round.
    I measured 2.63 to 2.86 mm. As the filament also looked different from other suppliers I broke it and found a hole of about 0.8mm inside the material. I broke it again after about 1m and the hole was still there. So it is a tube and it wasn't just a bubble.
    Has anyone experience with this sort of filament? Should I use it at all with the air inside?

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    I definitely recommend tossing that or contacting the supplier for a replacement. Printing with filament that out of spec will result in very poor prints and more than likely filament jams causing you more headache than what it is worth.


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      Thanks. I think you are right. I was going to adjust the diameter in the software to 2.6mm but the air could be a problem and I don't know how far this hole reaches into the roll. Hope they take the filament back. I am not buying there again.


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        Hi Herman,

        It sounds like you bought a really bad roll of filament. As suggested above you might want to throw that away.

        There are many retailers of filament around. Some offer high quality filament (us) whilst others go for cheap filament.

        It is best to shop around and experiment.

        Feel free to get in contact with us if you want to buy some of our high quality filament. More information is on our website at

        Will @ 3DEX Ltd /


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          I needed something quick and bought Real Filament locally. The supplier took it back. I usually got Colorfabb from Holland (VERY GOOD STUFF) and from 3dprima also very good. I didn't know about you and your website but will check it soon. I just ordered in Sweden again and have loads of stock now. Thanks for your info.


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            Hi, Herman If you're looking for a wide-variety of good quality filaments, you might want to check this website. We've been using it as reference for our business as It's has all the information you need for 3D printing and products such as filaments. Since they're offering various kinds of the said product (from eco-friendly, to odorless to lightweight), you can compare and choose which one is perfect for you.
            3D Filaments are materials used for 3d printing. There are different kinds of 3D filaments such as ABS, PLA, PVA, PETT, HIPS, Nylon, Wood, Magnetic, Sandstone..
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              this reviews about 3d printing filament


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