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  • Filament quality

    Hi everybody. I got a new 1kg roll ABS filament from a local supplier.
    When I took it out of the plastic I felt straight away that the filament was not round.
    I measured 2.63 to 2.86 mm. As the filament also looked different from other suppliers I broke it and found a hole of about 0.8mm inside the material. I broke it again after about 1m and the hole was still there. So it is a tube and it wasn't just a bubble.
    Has anyone experience with this sort of filament? Should I use it at all with the air inside?

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    I definitely recommend tossing that or contacting the supplier for a replacement. Printing with filament that out of spec will result in very poor prints and more than likely filament jams causing you more headache than what it is worth.


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      Thanks. I think you are right. I was going to adjust the diameter in the software to 2.6mm but the air could be a problem and I don't know how far this hole reaches into the roll. Hope they take the filament back. I am not buying there again.


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