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Anybody using eSun PETG 1.75mm?

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  • Anybody using eSun PETG 1.75mm?

    I have been trying to print with this for some time now without much success. Printing at 35mm/s, with 0.2mm layer height, 247 deg C first layer and the remaining at 242, 4mm retraction at 50mm/s, extrusion multiplier of 0.92. All I get are prints that start ok but end up with the nozzle getting jammed (I think!). Using a custom made D-Bot Core XY printer. Can anyone share their settings for Slic3r/Cura for this material?

    eSUN PETG filament 1.75mm Blue 1kg(2.2lb) Spool for Makerbot, Reprap, UP, Afinia, Flash Forge and all FDM 3D Printers, Blue Semi-transparent: Industrial & Scientific

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    The eSun range of filament always has great reviews. I cannot think why it isn't printing well for you. If your nozzle is getting jammed then try a higher temperature (if your printer can do it). Also you might want to consider cleaning your nozzle. Pulling some wire through it would make sure it doesn't clog.

    I hope this helps,

    Will @ 3DEX Ltd /


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      It does extrude except the melted filament forms globs near the nozzle and don't quite stick to the bed. I tried a variety of glues, hairsprays etc but none of it works. PLA prints like a dream but no such luck with PETG.