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Anybody using eSun PETG 1.75mm?

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  • Anybody using eSun PETG 1.75mm?

    I have been trying to print with this for some time now without much success. Printing at 35mm/s, with 0.2mm layer height, 247 deg C first layer and the remaining at 242, 4mm retraction at 50mm/s, extrusion multiplier of 0.92. All I get are prints that start ok but end up with the nozzle getting jammed (I think!). Using a custom made D-Bot Core XY printer. Can anyone share their settings for Slic3r/Cura for this material?

    eSUN PETG filament 1.75mm Blue 1kg(2.2lb) Spool for Makerbot, Reprap, UP, Afinia, Flash Forge and all FDM 3D Printers, Blue Semi-transparent: Industrial & Scientific

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    The eSun range of filament always has great reviews. I cannot think why it isn't printing well for you. If your nozzle is getting jammed then try a higher temperature (if your printer can do it). Also you might want to consider cleaning your nozzle. Pulling some wire through it would make sure it doesn't clog.

    I hope this helps,

    Will @ 3DEX Ltd /


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      It does extrude except the melted filament forms globs near the nozzle and don't quite stick to the bed. I tried a variety of glues, hairsprays etc but none of it works. PLA prints like a dream but no such luck with PETG.


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        Try blue painters tape.


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          I've just got some esun PETG and its printing like a dream for me :/ mmm, I wonder... have you considered using a filament filter? PETG can sometimes get quite static ish. this could be dragging some muck into your nozzle while printing, that then gets pulled back out when you change filament?

          Personally I use << with all my filaments. But its really up to you. as for bed adehision. blue painters tape works well


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