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Best metal fill that has metal feel

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  • Best metal fill that has metal feel

    Anyone else messed around with metal fill? I can get a good liik but the feel is just not there. I have seen some youtube videos with some great bronze fill that had a good metal sound but the brand was not mentioned and I failed to comment on the video and ask.

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    We have used Colorfabb metal impregnated filaments, they are very easy to use and produce good results. The metal sound reference on your post we are not so sure of. The have the weight and look but I think you couldn't get the same metal ring as 1. they are essentially plastic; 2. the way that models are constructed in layers. Your one stop, 3D printing shop


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      Thanks, I was looking at the colorfabb and I appreciate your reply. I found the video again (guy printing bitcooins) and he did use colorfabb and there was a light metallic clink.

      I will be using this for testing but the final items will be from a mole made from the print and either cast in resin or pewter.


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        Casting the model is probably the best way to go if you want that proper metallic sound. Colorfabb filament is very good and they have even started making SteelFill filament for a silver metallic feel Your one stop, 3D printing shop


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          I like Filamentive or Proto-Pasta. I know Filamentive claims they metal filament is 80% metal and it definitely shows in post process.


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