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  • PTEG vs PLA

    So was having a Grab Bag Sale. Basically 4 rolls, on most of their stock, for $15 each. So i got 4 rolls and ordered 2 PLA and 2 of their Crystal PLA (Translucent). They got to choose the colors for me. The colors that came were great however the Crystal PLA was actually Crystal PTEG. So with my crappy Chinese i3 Clone that I print on I am not sure how to calibrate it for PTEG.

    Does anyone have a run down on the differences between PTEG and PLA so that I can adjust my printer as a starting point for calibration?

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    Pteg usually prints at a higher temperature. We have had success at 250C print temp on a 80C bed with a lot of PTEG but it is going to depend upon the pteg you have. It is a bit more prone to warping than PLA so hence higher bed temp. If you haven't a heated bed then look at a good bed adhesive.

    And, as we do with all filament we are going to use, print out lots of 20mm cubes and tweak the settings until you get the best results. You can probably get the temp down to ~230C. PTEG is a nice material though and produces some great results. Your one stop, 3D printing shop


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      Should I clean out my Hot End prior to starting with PTEG? Or are the properties similar enough that having some residual PLA left it will be OK?


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        I have printed both, a good purge should be sufficient (going from PLA to PETG) as PETG has a higher temp. When I went back I purged at the PETG temp until it was running clear... 100-200mm...


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          Thanks Applekeith. That is exactly what I tried on Saturday. Worked great. I am still working on some calibration with the PTEG but it is working great. I have noticed something weird though...The extruded diameter, using an AMAZON 0.4mm nozzle, for the PLA (200 C) was <0.6mm and for the PTEG <0.4mm (260 C). Is this normal?


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