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recycling failed prints?

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  • recycling failed prints?

    It's been juggling around in my mind for a while now. I have a box full of failed prints(90% user error), and I was wondering if there is a way to recycle it and turn it back into usable filament? It would definitely save on material used.

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    The equipment and time necessary just isn't worth it and to achieve quality filament requires pretty precise equipment. I was initially investigating the same thing but if you are in it just to save money it really doesn't pay off.


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      I agree with Fiskauto. It's just too difficult and time consuming right now. You also have the problem of contaminants such as PVA glue, dust, etc that would create issues when you go to print again.


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        I meant sending it ot a company. Not doing it yourself. I've seen the machines that making filament requires. Sorry for not clarifying.


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          That makes sense. I don't know of a company that will recycle it back into filament for you, or even pay you a small amount for your waste plastic. I think the best you could do at this point is see if your local recycle center accepts your type of printed plastic. At that point, at least you wouldn't just be throwing it away.


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            It would be nice if there was a non-profit you could ship your residual print material and failed prints to that would recycle it for use in education or developing economies. However, Andrew's point about contamination is probably the biggest issue for any kind of recycling. Would material identification also be a problem? There seem to be a lot of different types of filament out there and keeping them separate may be difficult.

            Also, if PLA is supposed to be biodegradable, can you compost it?


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              Sorry to jump in on this but we are hoping to offer this in the UK, needless to say we need to run trials first although we do have some plans in the pipeline.

              Watch this space :-)


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