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Ultimaker 2 grub wheel issue

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  • Ultimaker 2 grub wheel issue

    Hi there. I am having an issue with the grub wheel on the feeder motor. It keeps slipping off the stepper motor shaft randomly. I have tried to keep it tight with a new screw but it does not appear to have helped. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips to prevent this from happening?



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    Does your motor shaft have a flat spot? If so ensure that your set screw is located on the flat surface. If not you may want to try and grind out a flat spot on it to use.

    I had this very thing happen on 1 of my Z-axis drive rods not long ago. Took it of for some maintenance and when I put it back together I forgot about the flat face of the rod. It took me longer than it should have to find the source of my X-axis carriage being misaligned. I even checked me motor voltages before I realized it.


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      Yes, stepper motor shafts have a flattened area for the grub screw to tighten against. The only other thing you could try is some sort of thread lock compound eg

      But please bear in mind you need metal parts for this really and it could have undesired consequences. We have never tried this except on bikes so we couldn't recommend it as a solution we just know that it is a method to deal with bolts coming undone from there nut. i.e don't blame us if you use it and it results in a disaster. Your one stop, 3D printing shop


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