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What is happening at Printrbot?

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  • What is happening at Printrbot?

    I was wondering if anybody noticed the cut back in everything at Printrbot? From their limit of parts and supplies to the downsizing of their model options? Usually it is a signal for a buy out. In my experience. Anybody have any info or is the restructuring to fall in line with the new CNC products?

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    That's highly speculative!

    Brook Drumm is a regular contributor in the Google+ 3D Printing Community.

    He has been working on a lot of refinements to components used on existing Printrbot designs and some significant new products are in the pipeline.

    New product developments are often done quietly but I know for a fact that they have been working heavily on Marlin to add Wi-Fi support. There have also been releases of a new extruder mechanism, the Big-E large volume printer kit and don't forget the Printrbot Tank.

    Downsizing? I don't think so!


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      Post on google+ and ask him. He is a regular reader/contributer there.


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        I have followed Brook Drumm's set-up advice on my own printrbot metal simple as well as have the build plate upgrades. As well as have Make literature to which he is a contributing editor. To look at the website you can see a change in gears.Like dropping the dual extrusion option that I wanted to add. If they are going to release a newer model though I am all ears. I have had my Printrbot since last May and the quality is everything the reviews make it out to be. Thank you for the Google + tip. I will have to do that.


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