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Printrbot heated bed insulation kit

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  • Printrbot heated bed insulation kit

    Hi all,

    I have a Printrbot Simple Metal. After informing Printrbot that my newly installed heated bed would not heat up beyond 92 degrees C, they sent me (for shipping cost only) an insulation kit made up of four plastic strips to help insulate the metal side angles (which act like heat sinks)and a sheet of metallic insulation. My heated bed now can reach 100 degrees C and the heat curve indicates that it will go higher (I haven’t taken it to the limit yet). I am getting great prints and now the the heated bed (and a mix of ABS and acetone) the ABS prints are staying in place.

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    Great information. Thank you for posting. I own and use a printrbot simple metal as well, as of December past. I bought and installed the heated bed upgrade in March & am very happy with much greater adhesion due to it with PLA. I have yet to try other materials, but this is a great trip for when I start doing so! Thank you.

    Ps. I've not had to take my heated bed over 80 yet, and will keep this in mind when the time comes! Thanks again.


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      Thanks for the Tip. Your one stop, 3D printing shop


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        I usually keep my heated bed at 72 for pla, and 85 for ABS and have had zero parts come off my printrbot when using their heated bed + hairspray. Glad you had a good experience getting a replacement though. In my experience Printrbot has always done a great job at that for me as well.


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