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PowerSpec Ultra 3D Printer - Some Points

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    PowerSpec Ultra 3D Printer - Some Points

    Hello All

    I recently bought a PowerSpec Ultra 3D Printer from my local MicroCenter - here are some points:

    • The overall build appears to be pretty solid.
    • The Touch Control Panel is easy to use and allows for full control of the printer.
    • The printer precise models, I tested on multiple test models and they all measured out accurately.
    • I have yet to test the filament extrusion problem reported with the PowerSpec pro.

    • As before, no body at MicroCenter seems to be able to provide true help.
    • The documentation is truly pathetic; however, at least now they provided a page in the box to tell you where to locate the documents.
    • I find that I am having to level the bed a lot, almost every 4th print.
    • The Filament Spool posts are too close together - they will rub against each other and cause friction and problems
    • The Cables to the extruder head are bound in a stiff flex tube that will impeed filaments if twisted.

    Overall, I am liking the printer - here are some other notes:
    • If you use Simplify3D - you must use the FlashForge Dream Maker dirver for the Ultra to work.
    • Make sure you keep the extruders clean, I use a brass brush (bought at lowes) to remove particles.
    • Get yourself a different surface material for the bed - I do not recommend painters blue tape.
    • Print spool adapters as your first projects (53mm x 30mm), 4 for left and 4 for right, use 2 in spools and 2 as spacers.

    Feel free to post your ideas and questions - I will do my best.


    "Once and Eagle Scout, Always an Eagle"

    Thanks for posting. I had asked what you thought of the printer in your intro thread, but that was before I saw this. Are you printing in ABS? What print bed material did you settle on?


      Yes AndrewBougie, I am currently using ABS - I have found that the Inland product to be consistent and does not seep much after printing (i.e. continue to string out, drip from extruder).

      As for the material I am using on the printer bed, I tried painters blue tape and that just failed for me, I then switched to "BuildTak" that I bought at my local MicroCenter. Now, compared to what came on the printer and blue tape - this stuff is like working with super glue - I no longer have lifts between the first layer and the bed.

      On the advice of a friend who has been using 3D printers in his High School Engineering Lab for years, he also recommended FlashForce's bed material - now, unless you order more than 5 or 6 sheets the $13.00 shipping is pretty bad. I will try this material out next and do a rating for this printer at that time.

      Keep in contact - and let me know if you have other questions/concerns - although I am still a novice, my friend is not.

      p.s. If you decide to go the route of Simplfy3D - it is a decent piece of software; however, there are some areas that are simply too cumbersome to manage (like putting in manual supports).

      Happy Printing...


        I'm using S3D myself and love it. Also using BuildTak with excellent results! Sounds like you're headed in the right direction and have received some good advice from your friend.



          Have you had much luck with your powerspec and PETG? I’m looking for some optimal settings.