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Makerbot Replicator 5th GenFor the most part the new Gen 5 is an amazing machine.

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  • Makerbot Replicator 5th GenFor the most part the new Gen 5 is an amazing machine.

    For the most part the 5th Gen Replicator is an amazing machine. I have found that the standard profiles that Makerbot has on the Desktop soft\ware are actually not all that great, I have reverted to using the custom profile setup and running at settings that fit the products being used for the prints. The Smart Extruder I have found is in my opinion the weakest link in this printer. I have officially gone through 2 that have failed after about 400 hours printing.... All in all i am pleased with the product but there are several improvements that could be done.
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    The print quality at 2 Microns is actually quite impressive.... Keep up the good building but try to improve the smart extruderdesign

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    Is that a typo or are you saying gen 5 does .02 mm layers? That's incredible. And must take forever.


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      Yeah It was a typo... should be 200 Micron Layer resolution... .2 mm layer height, it can do the 100 micron(0.1 mm) but find that i have way too many failed prints with that setting... i have gone to .175 or .15 and still get great results. Yes that part of the helmet cut into 6 pieces took around 45 hours total time... not too bad though.


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        Thanks for the correction, I'm sure we would have thought we missed something huge.




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