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    bit lonely here

    hey so i got one anyone else

    Not I. How do you like it?


      well the support is great, have help when i had i jam in first week and sent me new parts from US to spain, have help me step by step start a 3d printing business.

      As for printer the auto leveling is great but the printer cant print flexible material even with their new filament guide but they are working on a fix for that this mouth( the low tech fix is a rubber band to release the pressure) The prints come out well and fast, i print a phone case in 1 hour on .2 res and comes out well.

      Having onboard slicer is great but it needs advance setting options to get more control. I am slicing offboard more now and sending g code to printer. Am sure will fix that as well.

      THe biggest disappointment is the scanning. They warned me when i bought it that what i wanted to do with it may not work(i wanted to scan a phone then use that scan to design a phone case around it) I have yet to get a usable 3d scan of anything. Even when i bring it into blender its not usable enough with clean up. I think with time and updates this also will get better but really i find the scanning the most improvement needed, especially for what i want to do with it.

      In idea of all in one printer is great, its super easy to print with, but its not there yet. I still need my laptop to off board slice, once they give more advance controls in their slicer it will remove that, i can serf net on their system outside the GU, if i could attach a monitor to make the screen bigger it would mean i wouldnt need a PC at all.
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        Unfortunately, I haven't seen a printer/scanner combo that has impressed me yet. The scanning is tough to do, especially for small, shiny objects like cell phones. Glad to hear the printer itself works well, though. I'm sure they will be able to figure something out for the flexible filament. Many Bowden type printer makers have successfully developed this.

        Good luck with it and let us know if you run into any issues!


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