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Alumanutis 3d printer HELP!!!!

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  • Alumanutis 3d printer HELP!!!!

    Ok I bought this printer not knowing what I was getting into then the guy who sold it died before getting me any info on the thing.
    So I took it to a local 3d shop and they broke it more rewired stuff wrong I got it back to where x y and z move but at the end of a print and my home is now in the middle... it spits out the wrong way and my hot end never reaches the bed after g 28 and g29 however my z endstop/ probe probes the bed just fine what more info do you need ?

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    Sounds like it needs the firmware reflashed, not a big job, and the printer slicer needs to be told the the 0,0 point for x and y are not bed center, what software are you using, which firmware is installed,


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      It's a taurino power 24v mega and ramps running marlin and ive been using slic3r and pronter face....the thing that worries me is all the mods he has like it's turned on by relays how do I know how he set up the original marlin files ?


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        Shame on you -- using shop that doesn't know RAMPs / Marlin

        where located -- what repair shop -- so all can stay away

        You may need to reload the firmware that operates the usb port
        then load the Marlin firmware

        look at for all the info



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          Cozmicray The place is called imagine that in slc never again...How do I pull the old firmware files off of the printer?
          And I've been waiting to be added to that group for 6+months it's dead...


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            Is there a way to have the z probe and z min z max endstops? All so my slicer says front left corner and m 206 says x0 y0 z0 homes to back left corner


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              All open with all axis in middle
              Would switched endstops do this ?


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                Trinity talk google group is public group What is needed to join?




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