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  • thinking about a second printer

    I have a xyz davinci pro, I bought it when they first came out. I've done some mods and overall I am pretty happy with it.
    Now I am thinking about a second printer. I guess because I am kind of impatient and when my pro is printing, I am stuck.
    I am thinking about a Reprap Prusa i3. I see them on Ebay for 154.00. I'm sure it's a clone and needs some assembly. That works for me.
    I think these are pretty popular printers and can be modified and customized a lot of different ways. Having no enclosure I'm sure this would be better with PLA than with ABS. I'll throw a cardboard box over it. haha
    Any thoughts? Everybody like theirs? This looks like the logical next step for me but I wanted to ask before I pull the trigger.

    Also - I use S3D. Will S3D be able to print to 2 printers? I have the pro on wifi, so the Prusa would be on USB.

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    If you already have a printer and you say assembly isn't a problem, why not just build a second or even a 3rd printer? There are many good designs out there for free. I have built the OB1.4, Ecksbot, Wilson and Wilson II. All parts are readily available on EBAY for cheap, and if there is ever a problem, you will know your machine well enough to fix it yourself. Just beware, scratch building gets addicting. Have fun.
    As for 2 machines, I print to 2 machines over usb without problems but have never tried wifi. You could also print from a card with just about any printer.


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      build your own either linear rails or extruded V slot aluminum with belt drive x and y and lead screws on z . Do some research to improve on what you didn't like with current printer and take a look at a SCARA type it is cool but rare basically a robotic arm that moves like a hand that prints there is a nice video of one but you need to search for it


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        my advice would to be to look for something new\different to your current printer. I've not used the xyz davinci pro so I cant comment specifically, so I'll give my experience (I'm in the process of building my second printer):

        I have a perusa I3 clone that I built from a kit. It has:
        -heated bed
        -210*210*210mm build volume
        -dual bowden extruder (I upgraded that one), trying to decide at the moment if I should switch to a blender nozzle rather than 2 nozzles...

        Now, I've had some problems with it, but all told, its been a good little printer
        so for my new printer I've put together my specs as follows:
        -built in enclosure
        -210*210*210mm build volume or larger
        -CoreXY rather than cartisan system (I dont fancy a delta for this one, that'll be printer 3)
        -direct drive+mods for flexi filament
        -Network enabled (probably through octoprint on the pi)


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          Thanks everyone.

          Coming from the quad world (quad copters) there are some different ways to buy those.
          RTF ready to fly
          ARTF almost ready to fly
          KIT built from scratch

          I don't think I want to build one from scratch, but I think ARTF will work for me. I want to know the guts, but not every single solder joint and every nut and bolt. I'm nosy, not anal.haha


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            If you are thinking to buy another 3D printer, you can try Novio 3D printer than buying a Prusa I3. You will surely love this 3D printer. It has changeable nozzle extruder and can be upgraded into Dual Nozzle. And if you are also into CNC Milling and Laser Engraving, this 3D printer is upgradeable into CNC Lathe, CNC Mill and Laser Engraver.


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              what do you think of HE3D prusa i3 printer?
              it is goods quality and low price


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                I'm still looking.
                I've been a mess for about a month now.
                I think I have decided on a delta style printer. I have seen robots like that and I think they are cool and fun to watch.
                I like the anycubic kossel delta printers. They seem very sturdy. Some of the other brands have an acrylic plate on top and I think I would rather have metal, not plastic.
                I have been salivating over this one:
                but I want a bowden setup and 2 extruders like this one:

                the first one has the linear rails, the second one has the twin bowdens.
                Does anyone here have any experience with these?
                Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

                And then I found this one:
                this might just be the one. Anyone here have any experience with this one?
                good? bad? ugly?
                strong? weak? noisy?

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