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PrintrBoard REV D Electronics for 3D Printer

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    PrintrBoard REV D Electronics for 3D Printer

    We are manufacturer of 3D Printers and its Electronic boards in India and we are making 4 layer Printrboard REV D/F4 in house only.

    Our Printrboard are tested, Pre-loaded with CDC BootLoader and marlin firmware and sealed pack in anti-static bag.
    We use High Quality components like ATMEL Micro-controller, Allegro Stepper Drivers, Amphenol MicorSD connector etc. All Components comes straight from brand factory.

    We are offering you good discounted price for your requirements. Kindly let us know if you would like to buy it for your 3D Printer.

    For more information visit :
    Rev D :
    Rev F4:

    For any query email us on and skype id : makemendel

    Looking forward to hear from you positively!!

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