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Longer LK4 Pro leveling and bed bowing

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    Longer LK4 Pro leveling and bed bowing

    So I just got this machine a few days ago. Vague assembly instructions, but I managed it.

    One thing I saw on youtube was about an inconsistency with the leveling due to bed flatness. I experienced some of this and it showed up when trying to start a large base area print. I could not get the raft outline to stick. I work in design engineering to very close tolerances, so I knew of some things to check. This is what I found...
    1. Take off the glass build plate and check the flatness of the heated aluminum bed with a known good straight edge sliding a piece of printer paper along it to check for gaps along two outer vertical and horizontal extremes, and across the two opposing corner diagonals. My heated bed is nearly perfect when cold! Recheck when heated?
    2. Check the glass side of the build plate in the same manner. I found that mine has a bow leaving a gap in the middle from front to back oriented with the label that a piece of 28 Lb printer paper can slide underneath. This makes sense because of manufacturing process control deficiencies. This could cause adhesion problems for the raft.
    3. Clamp the build plate to the heated plate near the middle or outer edges according to if the bow is convex or concave from that side of the plate. Turn the plate 90 degrees if needed to get the bow going left to right. There are virtually no more gaps! The front left corner is the only place, which is the origin, so I will rotate the build plate 180 degrees from its current orientation. The heated plate is proably distorting at the worst point of the build plate bowing. It would be better to have the print origin flat to the largest part of the build plate.
    4. Don't leave sharp corners at the extreme boundaries of your build file. That will cause tension on the filament that was just laid down. Even a very minute radius will help when the raft offsets from the perimeter because the radius will increase in size.
    So now I have made some tweaks to my model and will give this a try after releveling. I shall report back...

    This works!
    Little trouble with skirt layer lifting in spots. I will try playing with heat bed settings. However, vertical build is going well! I will post pics tomorrow.