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Custom 3D Printer - Driver failure problem.

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    Custom 3D Printer - Driver failure problem.

    What on earth is wrong with my stepper cable? Am I missing something? Is it even the cable that is causing the driver failure?

    - Upon attempting to jog the z-axis, the DRV8825 driver chip sparked and failed instantly. The printer rebooted and I was unable to jog the z-axis after this.

    - I am in the process of building a 3D printer from scratch.
    - I recently upgraded to 24V hot end and switched the entire system over to 24V and crimped new cables using multi stranded Cat5 cable.
    ​​​​​​​- The "VMA" and/or "VMB" pins on the chip itself have melted (

    Diagnostic so far:
    - Jogged other axes to ensure an isolated issue
    ​​​​​​​- Switched known good driver to confirm (failed)

    - cable swapped with known good cable, reattempted with 3rd driver (succeeded)

    - Motor continuity and coil resistance confirmed
    - Cable continuity and resistance confirmed
    - Position of connections in cable confirmed on both ends (1A,1B, 2A, 2B)
    - Motor and Cable connections checked for loose connectors, one was loose, reattempted with 4th driver and original cable (failed)

    Equipment Specs:
    Model: Custom 3D Printer (using Actobotics kits)
    Board: MKS gen v1.4
    Firmware: Marlin 1.9
    Drivers: DRV8825 drivers
    Motors: 68 oz-in, 400 p/r
    Drive System: Lead screws

    Any and all help would be appreciated.

    Faulty solder joint bridging one of the coils.
    Unsure how to close thread.


      There isn't an option to close a thread but I'm glad you figured it out! It seems like a great printer! If you made a post on it, we would love to check it out!