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Tronxy not connecting through USB

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    Tronxy not connecting through USB

    Hi there,
    Recently I had damaged a part on my Tronxy printer so I got a new printer instead of replacing it as it was a cheap printer. I decided I would just scrap all the parts, and find a way to connect the board up to my pc to manually control the motors with gcode and create something cool.

    I don't know specifically which model it was, the Amazon post I purchased it from never mentioned it. Although with a bit of research I have concluded it is something of the P802 series.

    Through its life time, it never connected to my PC, I always printed off of a microSD. I once tried to look into how I could connect it, but never got anything working.

    Printer - TronXY P802
    Firmware - Repetier 0.91

    I appreciate any help I can get!
    - Oxi